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Abingdon Spring Crits #2

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Shutt Velo Race Team sent another strong team to Abingdon as the Abingdon Race Team Winter Series continued into week 2. In the 4th cat race Shutt Ridley RT riders Jos Busby, Lloyd Cassidy and Martyn Morris set out and stayed active at the front of the race. Multiple attacks were made and Shutt riders were a constant presence throughout. The pace told for Morris with 10mins to go as he dropped out too fatigued to hold the wheels. Busby and Cassidy hit the last lap in great positions. Then a minor disaster as Cassidy had a rider veer suddenly across his line. Amidst the squeal of brakes and expletives Cassidy who had Busby behind him saw the chance of a result disappear up the road with the front of the race.

Shutt Ridley

The 3rd cat race saw Gareth Harvey and James Beechey take to the track and immediately the pace was on. Harvey in particular was aggressive and was often forcing the pace on. Half way through the race a break of 8 got clear with the chasing pack too busy attacking each other frustration was the overriding emotion for the Shutt riders. Harvey could be heard shouting orders at the front of the race trying to organise a chase down and eventually with enough cajoling the bunch started to work. This would spell the end for Beechey who couldn’t hold the new relentless pace set as five of the eight riders were brought to heel. Harvey was still active on the front right up until the 3 laps to go board came out. The air in Harvey’s front tyre also decided to come out at this point and Shutt were left with no one in the race.

 Abingdon Spring Crits #2

The Elite/1st and 2nd cat race saw Jered Allcock for the second week. Another mega fast race from the off meant Allcock had to play it smart in the conditions and conserve the power for the end. Sticking his nose into the wind as 3 riders broke clear in front it was clear that the bunch wasn’t going to chase with Allcock and they settled for the sprint for 4th. In the dying laps a 4th rider got away and Allcock sprinted to second in the bunch behind meaning 6th place and more valuable points for the team.

Mens E12 provisional results
1 Michael Mottram
2 Sean Townsed
3 Henry latimer
4 Tim Allen
5 Gavin Howell
6 Jered Allcock
7 Joseph Donohue
8 Matt Hermon
9 Adam Lowe
10 Joe Harris

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