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Abingdon Spring Crits #1

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This weekend saw the Shutt Ridley RT's first races of the 2018 season. The early season weather wasn't kind as the riders took to the Dalton Barracks circuit in sub zero temperatures. 

Abingdon Race Team Crits Dalton Barracks

Gareth Harvey and new team riders Steve Sandles and David Beesley rode in the 3rd cat race. Best placed was Harvey, who looked comfortable for the whole race and followed anything that looked even remotely dangerous in the early stages. Then his glasses fogged up and he could hardly see the wheel he was following. This allowed a group of three to break clear without him even knowing about it.

With the podium decided, Harvey set himself up on the outside of the track looking for space in the sprint for 4th spot. Coming out of the last turn he tried to change gear and discovered his frozen fingers would not respond! Then attempting to get out of the saddle to sprint Harvey discovered that both arm were numb and unresponsive also. So with a seated track style sprint, Harvey eased up into a creditable 8th place.

The race was won by Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

Mens Cat 3 provisional results
1 Michael Knight
2 Matt Kerin
3 Ben Williams
4 Jack Webster
5 Fairley Barber
6 James Bark
7 Angus Hawkins
8 Gareth Harvey
9 Russell Speight
10 Joshua Knowles

Also in the points was Jered Allcock, who managed 9th in the E12 race. 

E12 Provisional Results
1 Paul Elcock
2 Michael Mottram
3 Andy Shackel
4 Gavin Howell
5 Jack Freeman
6 Frazier Carr
7 Joe Harris
8 Timothy Allen
9 Jered Allcock
10 Frank Kilsby

Abingdon Race Team Crits Dalton Barracks E12 race

Photos by Richard Brain

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