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ShuttVR Does Calpe

Calpe Shutt Velo Rapide Spain Training

Our racing team recently spent a few weeks in Spain’s Costa Brava for some early season training and Shutt joined them along with pro photographer Chris Lanaway and a big box of our new 2018 kits.

The team was based in Moraira just to the north of Calpe. This area particularly has become something of a Mecca for Europe’s cyclists, with both pro and amateur riders flocking there in droves to escape the cold winter weather to the north. Being fairly quiet, and inexpensive, during the off season, the region’s seaside towns make a great base to explore the nearby mountains and coastline.

Day one of our photoshoot was the team’s rest-day. It was uncharacteristically rainy too, so the riders were happy with a short spin to a nearby café. Chris positioned himself on the climb from the cost road and got a few group shots of guys in their team kit.

On day two, the team headed out to the Colle de Rates where weather was still a little moody. The low cloud provided a great back-drop to the photos of the climb.

The guys are all in team kit in these shots. The Shutt Ridley RT collection can be found here

Day three was our product photography day. The guys took their pick from the new 2018 kit designs and headed out to the mountains east of Pego, to the north of Calpe.

Below is a selection of some of our favourite photos from the week. We’ll be using these over the coming months in the product descriptions for the 2018 range and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Many thanks to the Shutt Ridley Racing Team and to Chris Lanaway for helping us get these amazing shots.

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