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Introducing Copper Technology

Created using technologically advanced yarns and incorporating the latest copper technology Shutt Velo Rapide had created a performance garment that is not only soft and stretchy, but features anti-microbial odour control.

Worn next to skin the Shutt Cobre ensures you stay fresh and dry however hard you ride.

The fabric is made to a precise ratio of yarns:

  • 72% polyamide
  • 24% copper
  • 4% elastane

Copper has been used in medicine as early as 2600 BC where it was first used to sterilise both wounds and drinking water. Today copper is put to use in speeding up wound healing, treating osteoarthritis and brittle bones.

The 24% active copper yarn is essentially kryptonite to germs, they cannot live on copper. For the rider this means no buildup of nasty smells. And unlike typical antibacterial and anti-odorant treatments (which last for 15-20 washes) the copper yarn is permanent - built into the actual garment and lasts a lifetime.

All this in a gender neutral design, something Shutt have perfected, to make it the perfect fit for women as well as men.

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The Shutt Cobre base layer is a totally seamless construction with body and sleeves giving a figure hugging, compliant fit with no irritating side seams. The polyamide aids moisture transfer and helps to rapidly move moisture away from the skin making you feel dry and comfortable throughout your ride. Designed to for a skin tight fit with light compression therefore allowing outer layers to fit smoothly and correctly with no bunching and wrinkling.

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